How to Achieve Financial Freedom – Step 1

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Hey folks, the first step to financial freedom is getting your mind straight.
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And here is your cash flow consultant, James Barber.
He’s here to help you take control of your finances.
Let’s get into it.
The first step to financial freedom is to get your mind straight. And to do that, you’ve got to know what’s driving you. This helps you to focus.
So, if you’re a real estate investor, you’re probably not a real estate investor because you love houses. No, your goal is you want the income that that provides so that you can do something else with your time.
What is that other thing that you want to do? That’s your reason. So the reason is not just the money. Money is not the reason. What do you want to do with it? That money is going to buy you time to do something.
Now, maybe you’re going to set it aside for another day, maybe you’ll set it aside for retirement. Or maybe you want the freedom right now to do something different. But you need to identify, what is your reason for wanting financial freedom. Once you know your reason, we can work on getting your mind straight.
That means we’ve got to set goals, and then we have to take active steps to reach those goals. Whether that’s education, getting a mentor, doing training, getting support staff to help you in your weak areas. Whatever the case may be.
Now, those are probably future steps. This is just the first step. But I just wanted to touch on, knowing your reason will help you get your mind straight.
You see here, we’ve got Dynamic Banking and Infinite Banking on the board. Those are just tools in our tool belt, for helping you get your mind straight. When you engage in a dynamic banking plan and when you’re funding your infinite banking plan and you’re using those funds to do other investments, your mind is changing. There’s something in there that clicks and your mentality shifts from a spender, or a saver, to wealth creator.
When you get that mind shift, suddenly all of those goals that you set for yourself seem possible.
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