Quick Tip: Remember Your Why

Today’s Quick Tip is to remember your why. What is your motivation for seeking financial freedom and learning how to control your finances? Consider that “why” when you need to make a spending decision. Will that purchase help you or set you back on your financial journey?

Video Transcript

Oregon Cash Flow Pro Quick Tip
Hey folks, today’s quick tip is to remember your why.
Why are you in this? Why are you seeking financial freedom?
Are you doing it for your kids?
Do you want to spend more time with your kids?
Is it for your spouse?
Do you want to spend more time with your spouse?
Or is it other loved ones?
What is the reason that you are seeking financial freedom?
Maybe you just want to get out of a dead end job.
Maybe you just want to have some F.U. money, so that if there’s an unreasonable expectation from your employer, you can say F.U! (Haha)
Whatever the case may be, when you come to the precipice of decision and you have to decide: am I going to spend the money here or am I gonna spend the money there. That is the perfect time to try and remember your why.
Now, there’s a podcast that I like to listen to called Afford Anything. Her tagline, or what she likes to say is, you can afford anything, but you can’t afford everything.
That means you have to make a decision, when you spend money on something here, that means you don’t have that money to spend on something here. If you buy this, you may not have the money to buy that.
You always have to weigh these decisions. When we’re trying to make these decisions, we want to remember: what is the reason we’re doing all this and will this decision, if I choose to make it, how will it affect the reason that I’m doing all this.
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