No sewing, no tools, just one simple trick for HOW TO MAKE A FACEMASK from something everyone has readily available at home. Works for adults and kids. Stay safe out there folks!

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Hey Folks, I’m going to show you an easy, do it yourself face mask, that you can put together in less than 30 seconds!
It doesn’t require any sewing or special tools and it will help protect you and others from the coronavirus.
Nope, not that one.
Not that one either!
If you want to see the mask right away, skip ahead to this part of the video. Otherwise, stick around. I want to quickly go over the do it yourself materials that masks are being made of, so that you are armed with the knowledge that you need to stay safe out there.
This graph comes from a blog post at I will link it below. Be sure to check it out. They have a whole bunch of blog posts regarding filters and DIY masks.
As you can see, this graph goes over a number of different materials and how well they do at filtering particles. Your surgical mask performs best. Followed by vacuum bag, a dish towel, and then t-shirts.
Then they went over how doubling up the material only gives you a modest increase in effectiveness, unless you’re using a dish towel.
Now, one other option that was not included in that study, was using a paper towel. And as you can see, the results from the paper towel were not very good for microns the size of the corona virus. Although they are decent enough for larger size particles.
One of the biggest obstacles to widespread mask use is comfort. And one of the biggest problems people have with comfort is breathability. This is why, even though doubling up material increases the effectiveness of blocking viruses, it is not recommended because the breathability significantly declines, as you can see in the graph above.
And finally, they did a test after a mask is worn for 3 hours, to find out how effective it is once it gets wet and humid. As you can see, it’s still very effective for surgical masks and N-95 masks, and the effectiveness actually increased with the dish towel.
In conclusion, even though the dish towel and the vacuum bag performed much better in filtering out the particles, due to breathability, the pillowcase and the t-shirt were recommended as the DIY materials.
Now, I promised you a DIY face mask that you can make in less than 30 seconds, with no sewing and no tools. So here it is.
We are going to use a plain cotton or cotton blend t-shirt. Remember the cotton blend was slightly better at filtration. Pull it over your head until the collar rests on your nose and the arm sleeves are pulled out to either side. From here, we’re going to pull the back of the t-shirt, up and over your head. Adjust as necessary until the fit is snug around your nose and above your eyes, covering your ears.
Now, take the sleeves and tie them behind your head, in an over hand knot and then adjust for comfort. This method covers your whole mouth, most of your face, including your neck, without leaving anything room for leads. You can see around my nose, it’s nice and snug across my cheeks.
I also had the added advantage of my head being covered. This will save you from having to wash your hair every time you go out. Now you can just take the t-shirt off and throw it in the wash.
For those who prefer extra protection, we can even double up the t-shirt. Simply tuck the bottom underneath. Pull it up over your chin and then pull the front collar back up to your nose bridge.
This has one additional advantage. When you have two layers you have the ability of sliding in between those two layers an additional filter, of your choice. And finally, you can uncover your hair if you prefer.
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