Viewer Question: Should I Pay Cash Or Finance An ATV?

In today’s episode, we answer a Viewer Question: Should I Pay Cash Or Finance An ATV? This is a decision making process I went through myself a few weeks ago. I share my thoughts on opportunity cost and how to determine what is the right answer for you.

This same thought process will also work when deciding if you should pay cash or finance a car too. Do you want to be debt free or maximize your cash flow? The answer may lead you down a different road than you expect.

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Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash

The Retirement Miracle by Patrick Kelly

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How To Use The Guardian App To Buy Paid Up Additions (PUA)

Welcome to Oregon Cash Flow Pro. Let’s see how quickly we can buy some paid up additions using the Guardian app.

First, we’re going to navigate on our phone to the Guardian app, and then we’re going to click on payments at the bottom of the screen. Tap additional payments (anywhere along that bar works),  and then we’ll tap paid up additions. Next, put in the amount that you want to deposit. Click anywhere off of the numbers, and then click pay. And then we’ll reaffirm that, pay, that amount, and pay that amount. Next, you’ll have to make sure that your bank account is correct and that you agree to the terms and conditions, and click pay. Confirmation. It was that easy. Go ahead and click “done” and you can see if we go back to the main screen, you can see the new amount of cash value. And 3 days later our cash value has increased.

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